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If the customer has any objection to receive the goods, you can phone call or e-mail inform our customer service service department, we will be the fastest speed to send service personnel to confirm if the sampling, by our side caused
Quality problems. Once confirmed, we will provide unconditional return or replacement.
Commodity inspection and acceptance
Express delivery, Yuantong express orders
1, the receipt carefully check: goods and accessories, the quantity of the goods, with metal material delivery list, invoice (if any), the Three Guarantees certificate (if any) material report environmental protection certificate
2, if the packaging is damaged, the goods are less error, goods receipt, factors affects the surface quality problem, please must when facing the delivery man on the spot and the entire single return
Post office orders
1, you must carefully opened the package, so as to avoid sharp objects damage to package goods
2, the receipt carefully check: goods and accessories, the quantity of the goods, invoices, invoice (if any), the Three Guarantees certificate (if any).
3, if the packaging is damaged, commodity, commodity, commodity and little error in surface quality problem, you can select the entire single return; or find the post office issued the relevant certificates after receipt, and then landed on for return or apply for a replacement
Clothing and footwear goods sign standard
1 express delivery order, you can spot to try, if not satisfied with the spot for return
2 underwear products (such as socks, underwear, bra etc.) does not currently provide try, if you receive the goods, found quality problems, can contact with metal Service Center for return business for you
1, cash on delivery order delivery, please face to face and courier goods and money to ensure nuclear exchange, two payment; if found afterwards that the money is wrong, with metal handles not for you
2, please receipt must be carefully check, if you or your client has signed orders, the goods are correct and no influence factors of use, with metal has the right not to accept, because of damaged packaging or goods wrong leakage, surface quality problem, goods goods goods with less and gifts send by return the application
3, a portion of the goods provided by the shop Street merchants, this part of the commodity inspection and acceptance is not in the scope of commitment
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